Friday, July 21, 2017

Pasta Salad...

What's better in summer than a nice, fresh 
- Pasta Salad -
homemade, of course.
This one is super easy, and since my herb pot is overflowing with Dill,
I just had to make this one.

Morning Sunshine on the ingredients, it was early in the day when I put this together.

Fresh Dill from my garden.

I always soak the red onion in cold water, to take the sting out.

While your pasta cooks...

you have enough time to make your dressing...

and cut up all your vegetables.

Here it is finished, isn't it pretty and colorful.
It is a Family Circle Recipe - 
you can find it here.
The recipe calls for putting grilled chicken in it, but I have never done that.
I'm sure it would be good but I like it this way.
Of course, you could add or delete any vegetables and serve it as you like.
The fresh Dill is the star of the dish!!

I made some Deviled Eggs, we picked up some fresh white corn...

and this was dinner!
Perfect - on a hot summer day!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Summer Garden...

I have been gardening this way for so many years,
I actually can't remember when I adopted this style.
It is much easier to manage, 
less weeds, more fun and it produces plenty of fruit for the hubs and I.
I started with seeds, it was a slow go at first, 
but it is rebounding nicely and looking pretty good today!!


Slices of Tomatoes

Celebration Tomatoes


Herbs and 2 Vinca Plants

This is the Summer Squash on July 17th

here it is on July 18th.

and on the 19th...what a difference a few days makes.

I go out early every day and water,
if I forget, the hubs takes over and waters for me.

The Vinca's around the mailbox are doing very well...

and here's a peak at the birds nest.
It's just as big as it was when we took it down a few days ago,
 the sparrows have been very busy!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Family & Love...

My great niece Adelina celebrated her 5th birthday on Friday...
 and it rained like it always does on her birthday.
The pirate water party was cancelled...
and an hour later we were all at Dean'na and Anthony's house to celebrate anyway.
If you are going to have a party, my niece's house is the place to be.
Warm, welcoming and fun, 
they can host a party in an hour's notice.
There was a ton of food, I'm not sure where it all came from...
but trust me, no one left hungry!!

These are cupcakes, in the shape of a 5,
iced together so it looks like a cake.

This is the best picture I took of Addie,
she got make-up for her birthday - enough said!

And this is little "red" - my sweet Lorelei, her personality matches her face perfectly!

Chuck's dad was visiting from Florida this past weekend.
In addition to this party, we had a baby shower for my nephew's wife on Saturday.
At a waterfront restaurant in Bay Head, 
it was elegant, like a wedding.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Belmar's Sand Castle Contest

Belmar, is another nice seaside community in New Jersey
that is about 15 minutes from our home.

D'Jais, an area "hot spot bar" sponsors, 

a Sandcastle Contest.

On the beach, Wednesday, July 12th, I wish I could tell you this was an amazing day.
But the temperatures were hot, really hot - and there were so many people on the beach,
it was hard to get around.
Of course, I did enjoy the sand art, 
but I would have enjoyed this so much more if it had not been so hot.
We didn't stay long - enjoy the images, some of these were really creative.

This was a wonderful event, but can you see how crowded the beaches are?
People were shoulder to shoulder.
Next year we are going to go later in the day 
and hope that most of the sculptures are still there...
and not destroyed by the ocean or the people.

There were winners and prizes for all age groups!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Fire in the Sky

We were waiting for the fireworks on July 2nd.
We sat at the inlet in Point Pleasant...across the way, Manasquan was having fireworks.

There weren't too many boats, we did see the Jamaica come in...
and a few other small boats.

If you are interested in seeing the pictures of the fireworks, I shared them here.