Friday, February 23, 2018

Time at the Beach...

Here on our driveway, it was 70 degrees as we loaded the bikes onto the bike rack..
We hurried just a little,
 it was warming up quickly and we wanted to get a bike ride in before it got too hot.
Too hot, on February 21st but that is a true story.
We decided to ride on the boardwalk 
because we thought it would be too hot on our bike path at Allaire State Park.
As we got closer to the beach, the temperature was dropping
and it got windy, too windy to ride the boards.

But not too windy for a few pictures...

We, (the hubs helped) took these pictures in Ocean Grove...
we like to ride our bikes here because the boardwalk is new and wide.

We drove around a little in the car, looking for ducks and wildlife, we came up empty.
We headed to Allaire State Park and rode our familiar path.
Lots of people were out - I kept saying "good morning" to everyone, 
but in reality, it was afternoon.
I honestly didn't think I would make the length that we usually ride.
It was our first time out and my legs were weak.
The hubs kept reminding me he would come with the car
and pick me up no matter when or where I quit.
But I rode the entire length of what we usually do, about 2 miles.
Not much to many, but everything to me!

We stayed out and ran a few errands, Target, Christmas Tree Store and Michaels.
We had a salad at Atlanta Bread and then headed for the home front.
I had done too much and the house was so hot when we got home,
but the memories were oh so good!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

More Knitting Talk - The Chevron Baby Blanket

Have you ever started a project that you just can't "get"?
A few days ago, I started a Chevron Baby Blanket - it is a pretty straight forward knit.
There were a few stitches in it that I had never done before,
but quickly learned on Youtube.
I felt pretty confident starting out, 121 stitches cast on...
"ssk" I have done, I learned "md"...
the rest was knitting, purling and knitting 2 stitches together.
I cast on, knit the first row perfectly, at this point 8 times.
Something is happening when I turn and start row 2
 purling my yarn overs, that's my guess anyway.
All of that said, 
I have tried eight times and I am not sure when you are suppose to just give up.

Those stitches I had never done before, 
I have done them 1000 times now, I think correctly but perhaps incorrectly.

Here's a picture of the blanket, this Chevron pattern is pretty popular now.

Leanne and I selected these colors, she does not know the sex of the baby.

I know there will be a lot of love and support here, 
keep going, don't give up...
but I was hoping to have the blanket done before "it" entered high school.

I could just knit and purl, back and forth...
boring but a blanket, none-the-less...

What would you do?