Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Our town hosts a few nice music festivals during the summer...
They are outdoor festivals, a few vendors, some food trucks,
great live music,  followed by beautiful fireworks. 
But they are way too crowded for me...and it always seems they are the hottest summer nights.
So far, they have all been cancelled because of rain.
This past Thursday, it was on, but a big storm was predicted to hit around 9 pm,
just when they launch the fireworks.
They went ahead with the show, and lit the fireworks at 8:30.
We planned to drive across town, opposite the park, just to watch the fireworks.
We arrived just as they started to light them off...

Summerfest is held at a park on the Metedeconk River.
We found a perfect side street on the other side of town to view the fireworks.
We weren't alone, seems many residents had the same idea.
We went for Rita's Ice and the rain started as we were sitting in the car, enjoying our ice.

Good idea I had...
a great way to beat the heat, enjoy the fireworks, and no crowds!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Monarch Butterflies

I went outside to water the garden a few days ago...
and much to my surprise, there were three monarch butterflies enjoying the cone flowers.

Each butterfly was gorgeous, no wear or tear and their colors were perfection.
I was equally as happy to see them selecting perfect cone flowers
to do their thing with.

Beautiful cone flowers and gorgeous butterflies, what more could a girl ask for!

It's butterfly season, are you seeing them yet?
I am on the lookout for a caterpillar, to bring in the house and raise,
like I did a few years ago.
I am looking on my dill, swallowtails love dill.