Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Yarn Along

Do you see what I see?

The needles are no longer attached to the wrap...
you read that right,
it's done, finished, the needles and I am thrilled with the finished piece.

Knitted & Purled stitches only, in just the right way, creates these beautiful patterns.

The Guernsey Wrap 
knitted with Undyed Baby Alpaca Yarn, 

it is a whopping 62 inches long.

My "live a life you love" book.

The book is signed by it's designer,
I am going to keep track of all my knitting projects in this book.

Hats...there are a lot more on page 2, 40 in total.

My needles have already starting spinning again,
I started a hat that I would like to finish before Christmas.
It can be done!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's All About The Food...

What is it about my relationship with food and a snow storm?
As soon as the weather person says it is going to snow...
and that orange warning banner starts streaming on the T.V.,
I start planning the meals.
And it can't be just any food, it has to be "the food", "snow food".

Chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes, that's a snow storm meal!

A big pot of chicken, and potato chowder,
I added spinach this time...
that's food good enough for a snow storm.

And a fresh loaf of french bread is a must.

Hot Chocolate Delights

You have to make hot cocoa, don't bother if you don't have peeps!

This came home as a part of Chuck's Costco haul.
It's a cheesecake, can you believe that.
Under all the caramel sauce, chocolate and nuts, there's cheesecake.
Big enough for a family of 10.

I finished my Christmas Cards as I watched it snow...

and the hubs helped me wrap.
We don't buy a lot of presents, I like it that way.
We just buy for the little ones in the family, for our two sons & their significant others!