Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yarn Along

I am still working on my Guernsey Wrap...

I have a feeling I will be saying that for a while but that's ok, it is a really fun knit.

I have moved on from Chart A, finally, and have advanced to Chart B.
If you are familiar with this pattern, you know that that is a huge milestone.
For Chart A you work rows 1 - 78 of the pattern twice 
and then knit rows 1 - 58 of Chart A once more.
Chart B is only 24 rows and I am working on row 6.
That's a total of 220 rows completed.
I think I am about half way!

I am joining Ginny at Small Things 
Yarn Along

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Delicious Orchard

This past Saturday we paid a visit to Delicious Orchard in Colts Neck.
It is, hands down, the most amazing market I have ever visited.
We thought twice about going...
it was a beautiful Saturday, mid-day, we thought the place would be packed.
Much to our surprise, it was empty, maybe everyone was at the beach.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures and play a bit of "Where's Waldo" if you like, 
I think I found four other people.

Sweet Treats




Homemade Bread


Seafood and Prepared Foods




Apple Cider



Everything is so fresh, beautifully displayed and grown locally.
We got a lot of yummy things, 
including fresh white Jersey Corn, it was so good.
I love this place.