Thursday, August 17, 2017

Butterfly Season...

I love butterfly season...

but it seems to flutter by so quickly...don't you agree?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Caterpillar Update...

Life as a caterpillar has finally ended for everyone around here.

As I type today, I have 8 chrysalis... 
In 10 - 14 days, I will have 7 butterflies because little Mikey lagged behind...
and is at least 3 days behind everyone else...
he will be last to fly and will be released alone.

This is the netted home I ordered from 
Shady Oak Farm
which will be perfect for them when they become butterflies.

This is Mikey, he was the smallest caterpillar of the 8 when I found them,
and the last to pupate to a chrysalis.

Mikey is on the left here...
on the right, you can see 2 caterpillars getting ready to pupate.
Once they have grown to be about 1.5 inches, 
they stop eating and become very active for about 24 hours.
Then they scrunch up, wiggle out of their outer skin, and expose the chrysalis beneath.

The chrysalis will be either brown,

or green and is attached to the branch of choice with thin silks it has spun.
In two weeks, they will be beautiful 
Black Swallowtail Butterflies
They will stay in their netted home for about 2 hours, so their wings can dry...
then, I will release them to be free.

This is how they looked when I brought them indoors, 2 weeks ago.

Here they are on August 6th, climbing all over the counter while I cleaned the cage.

And here they are a few days later on August 8th,

and on August 12th.

I purchased the netted home from 
Shady Oak Farm
and I would highly recommend them, they have awesome customer service!

Here, is a link to the first post I wrote when I found the caterpillars
here is a link to an excellent article Raise Black Swallowtails Butterflies Indoors
that a faithful follower Peg shared with me. 
Many thanks Peg, it is an excellent article and I have referred to it often.